Any of the following sound familiar?

  • You were embarrassed to take your shirt off publically
  • You stayed home while friends went to the pool or beach
  • You’ve dieted and worked out but still can’t lose that stubborn chest fat
  • You’ve made dumb excuses to keep your shirt on
  • You had to wear 2 t-shirts in an attempt to hide your man boobs

How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

The breasts of a man are designed to be flat and not enlarged like those of a woman. However, due to some factors, some men are observed to have bigger than normal breasts. This condition is referred to as Gynecomastia and can affect men of any age but mostly appears in teenage years. Gynecomastia affects about 30% of all men at one point in their lives.

Needless to say, gynecomastia is an embarrassing condition for a man. It can lead to low self-esteem. There are many words used to describe this condition but the most popular ones at the moment are moobs or man boobs.

Causes of Moobs

It is difficult to pin-point the causes of gynecomastia in every man. However, most cases are attributed to an increase in a factor called Sex Hormone-binding Globulin (SHBG). A rise in SHBG can lead to either low levels of testosterone (hormone responsible for secondary male characteristics) or reduced responsiveness to testosterone. With reduced action of testosterone, secondary male characteristics are suppressed and male boobs appear.

Male boobs can also be caused by an imbalance in estrogens and androgens hormones. If estrogens, hormones which is primarily female, are on the higher side of the imbalance then moobs appear. It is estimated that about 4 to 10% gnaecomastia cases are a side effect of drugs. Spironolactone, a drug used to treat heart failure, leads to gynecomastia among 10% of patients who use it. Other culprit drugs are digoxin and furosemide.

Gynaecomastia versus Muscle Hypertrophy

It is important to differentiate between gynaecomastia and muscle hypertrophy (muscle growth). Muscle hypertrophy is common among men who are physically fit and active. Exercise such as swimming and body building can lead to muscle hypertrophy. Moobs basically contain adipose (fat tissue) rather than muscles and are thus loose.

Symptoms of Gynecomastia

  • Abnormally large breast tissue.
  • Breast tenderness.

In addition to the above symptoms, you must see your doctor if the moobs swell and are painful. Gynaecomastia is typically not painful. However, it can affect one or both of the male breasts.


Gynecomastia: Risk factors

  • Adolescence since the hormones at this stage are yet to stabilize.
  • Use of steroid and other substances to increase athletic performance.
  • Diseases affecting the balance of hormones in the body such as liver and kidney diseases.
  • Taking drugs such as alcohol and marijuana.

Man Boobs Treatment

Among the adolescent, the condition usually clears with time as the hormones stabilize. However, treatment is still administered to them to reduce the size of the moobs as hormone stabilization may take 2-3 years. For persons who have an underlying condition, the disease needs to be treated.

Must Moobs be Surgically Removed?

In treating gynecomastia, the idea is usually to remove the fat in the breast. Convectional doctors usually recommend surgery to remove the fatty tissue. There are two types of surgeries: Liposuction and mastectomy.

  • Mastectomy which involved the removal of the whole breast gland tissue.
  • Liposuction targets the fat in the breast rather than the removing the breast gland tissue.

While surgeries have come a long way in reducing the numbers and size of incisions, the fact still remains that a cut must be made. Surgical incisions take a long time to heal and the risk of infection is real. A surgery will definitely leave a scar or two.

Surgical treatment of moobs is quicker in producing results than most other methods. However, it is also the most expensive. Surgeries to remove moobs cost anything between $4000 and $8000. They are expensive because the procedure is considered to be cosmetic .In addition, excessive bleeding can occur during the surgery even when all the precautions are taken.

Alternatives to Surgical Removal of Moobs

As you can see, surgical removal of male breast comes with real risks. Lucky for you, research has shown that there are other ways to achieve reduction of male boobs that do not have as may side effects. These methods mostly involve the use of herbal pills and remedies.

Gynexin: How it works

This is a totally herbal remedy to male boobs that was developed by leading naturopathic specialists. It works by targeting the fatty or adipose tissue. It reduces the fatty tissues on your chest both in numbers and size.

Benefits of Using Gynexin

When compared to other moobs lose methods like surgical removal, Gynexin has many benefits. Gynexin is natural and is made up its ingredients are 100% herbal. Benefits of using Gynexin:

  • There is no possibility of scarring since there are no cuts involved.
  • It is not painful.
  • It is herbal in nature and therefore does not have side effects.
  • It costs less than getting the moobs surgically removed.

Gynexin: Ingredients

Chrominium Picolinate

Chrominium Picolinate is one of the main ingredient is Gynaexin. Most people are able to get this nutrient from food. It helps in reducing moobs by making your body to more active thus leading to general weight lose. Athletes use this supplement so as to keep in shape.


The word is funny but its effects in reducing gynecomastia are not. One of the main functions of the liver is to control the cholesterol level in the body. Guggulstetones assists the liver in turning cholesterol into bile. This way, the liver can concentrate on its other job of regulating hormones which cause gynaecomastia. This herb comes from India.


This herb is derived from the Clary Sage plant which is a biennial herb. In Gynexin it has the effect of reducing testosterone and lowering the moobs producing hormones- estrogens. It is a common ingredient in fat reducing and slimming pills.


Male boobs can make a man to feel low due to the ridicule that comes with having them. Caffeine is a psychoactive drug and this means it makes you happier and more active. It therefore improves your moods as the other Gynexin ingredients work to reduce the numbers and size of fatty cells.

Other Active Ingredients in Gynaexin

  • Green tea extracts
  • Theobromine Cacao


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